Your How-to Guide to Self-Publishing

There’s nothing more frustrating than learning something new without a manual, without someone to ask. The great thing about self-publishing today is that all the information you need to do it yourself is out there…on hundreds and thousands of blogs and websites throughout cyberspace.

The problem is trying to find the information you need quickly and easily.

Your How-to Guide to Self-Publishing is the answer to your problem.

Imagine, not too long from now, hitting the “Publish” button late one night and waking up the next morning to see your book on Amazon! Even better – imagine your first sale!

But there is one thing even better than that – the first time a reader you’ve never met tells you they stayed up half the night finishing your book! Or they laughed more than they have in a long time. Or they were too scared to turn out the lights. There really is nothing better than that feeling of pure joy and accomplishment.

You’ve got a book and the courage to publish it yourself.

Now you just need someone to help you along the way.

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