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August 9, 2015

If You’re a Writer in Need of a Cheerleader

Where is my life going?On my author blog, I started writing posts on Sundays focused on life and spirituality and how to live better using your gifts. I believe each of us has a purpose in life – and not just one.

If you’re reading this, you are probably a writer. You have your own unique set of gifts that the world needs you to use. That’s why God gave them to you! So I’m going to write encouraging posts at least a couple Sundays a month to help you believe you can keep going.

Writing is fun and exciting when it’s going well, but hard and lonely when the words aren’t flowing. So I need to ask myself with surprising regularity – why am I doing this?

We’ve had four long, hard years in a row. Our life has never been so tough, and it hasn’t gotten easier yet. When rushing to do our taxes earlier this year because we needed the tax refund for groceries, I had to confront some cold facts. If I had stayed at home and watched TV all day, every day, for the prior year, we would have been several thousand dollars ahead.

Several thousand dollars.

I cried.

It made me feel like even though my sales have been slowly increasing every year, I was wasting my life and making my husband’s life harder. I didn’t want to tell John because I didn’t want him to tell me to quit. But a month or so later, I finally told him, in tears, that maybe we had to consider this a failure and move on before we threw more good money after bad.

I was ready to quit, much as my heart ached at the thought.

But in spite of all this evidence, my amazing husband told me fiercely I couldn’t quit, that he knew I could do it, that we just needed to buckle down and get through this, that I just needed to work harder and push through it.

I wasn’t sure I should even write that because I know so many people whose spouse is not like that, and I don’t want you to feel bad about it.

But then I realized I could be your cheerleader! If you’re having a hard time finding people to tell you not to quit yet, let me encourage you: If you think you still have something to say to the world, don’t quit. Don’t stop writing yet. Take a week or a month or a summer off if you need to and regroup.

But don’t quit.

If you want to hear about how I was asking God for guidance last week and he answered me the next day, read the post on my author blog today. One of the things I’m learning is how I can serve others with my writing and teaching gifts. And it occurred to me…

I might never write a book that changes lives.

I want to, Lord knows!  And I’m trying. But maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Maybe part of my purpose in life is to help you write a book that changes lives for the better.

The tagline of this website is not just to have a cute, memorable saying. I really believe any of us might write a book that changes the world. Maybe fiction, maybe nonfiction. There are already so many examples of books that have done so.

Why not ours?