Kitty Bucholtz

I founded Writer Entrepreneur Guides to help writers find the tools they need to write more and get their books published. I honestly believe that you can write a book and change the world. That’s what I’m trying to do, and I want to help others do the same.

I started out on the traditional path to publishing – writing many, many “three chapters and a synopsis” and sending them out to agents or pitching them to editors and agents at writing conferences. Early on, I was published in devotional books and magazines, and that underscored for me that writing was what I wanted to do. A few notes from readers cemented my belief that I could make someone’s life, or at least their day, better with my words.

One happy day, a wonderful agent said she wanted to sign me! I figured all I had to do at that point was write lots of books. But the market was changing. My chick-lit book, Little Miss Lovesick, went out to editors just as they started thinking that chick-lit was dying. I wrote a couple more books and sent them to my agent, but in the end, we parted ways with nothing sold.

I knew graduate school wasn’t the answer (I’d already learned so much from membership in Romance Writers of America), but I’d always wanted to go to grad school and I had an opportunity. By the time I finished my Master of Arts in Creative Writing with a wonderful group of students and teachers, I knew that I was done waiting for other people to open the door for me. I’d heard of Kindle Direct Publishing, and I was ready to open the door for myself.

While writing, I’d been doing a lot of teaching as well. I taught software classes at a business college for a year, and I taught various writing workshops at about two dozen writers conferences across the United States. Turns out, I love teaching. (My husband, John, says it’s because I love to be the center of attention, but I swear that’s not it! Not entirely. 😉 )

In grad school, I kept gathering a few students together and sharing with them concepts I’d learned at RWA and at writer’s conferences, concepts we didn’t cover in our classes and that some of my friends were struggling with. I knew I had to return to teaching, I just wasn’t sure how. I had been teaching writing classes for my RWA group using Yahoo Groups. However, the drawbacks of that delivery system began to outweigh the benefits.

I wanted to do so much more! I wanted to show my students how to do the work using videos. I wanted to give them more handouts and worksheets so they would be sure to have all their decisions written down in one place. I wanted to interview other people in the business – editors, cover designers, attorneys, accountants, other self-published authors. I wanted to connect people with others with some win-win networking. And since I move a lot because of my husband’s job, I had to find a way to do all of this online rather than in person.

That’s when I decided to dive in headfirst! 😀

So here we are with the first iteration of the Writer Entrepreneur Guides web site. I’m running a beta of the self-publishing class beginning in June 2015 with a limited number of students. Together we’ll make sure everything works as it should on this new platform, and then I’ll open the class up to everyone else!

Once Your How-to Guide to Self-Publishing is running smoothly, I’ll bring back my popular Going the Distance: Time and Project Management for Writers. I’ve taught this class since 2010, helping writers gain control of their writing time as it fits into the rest of their life and responsibilities. And I’ve got more classes planned for the future!

If you have any questions about Writer Entrepreneur Guides or any of the classes, please email me at info AT writerentrepreneurguides DOT com. I’d love to help. Meanwhile, check out the new blog (more posts added every week) and sign up for the newsletter. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!